Secure Your Online
Platforms from
Scammers & Bad Actors

Detect SaaS platform abuse and prevent it
from being used for phishing or fraud campaigns
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Real-time Detection API - Phishing and scam links erode trust and safety
Secure your online platform from scammers and bad actors

Real-time Detection API
that Prevents Fraud and
Platform Abuse.

Real time detection
Phising, Fraud, and Scam detection and prevention

platform integration

Integrate Phishing, Fraud, and
Scam Detection and Prevention
Directly Into Your SaaS Platform.

Our real time detection API detects phishing, fraud, and scam URLs by scanning each site using a combination of computer vision and natural language processing. This occurs in real time as your users post URLs and is not just data pulled from a third party threat feed. It's the most accurate, real time URL scanning technology available on the market.
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Fraud risk diagram Fraud risk diagram

Real-Time Detection API

2 Lines of Code is All It Takes to Stop Phishing & Scam Attacks in Their Tracks

The API taps a combination of natural language processing, logo detection and computer vision, plus deep learning models to examine sites in real-time. Before any blacklist stores the URL – before any human has time to examine it – our technology will detect threats against your ecosystem. This unparalleled ability to detect scams before the first victim makes this API the only zero-day solution on the market.
List of Dispositions
Green dot list for zero day phising Zero-Day Phishing
Green dot list for gift card scams Gift Card Scams
Green dot list for adult websites Adult Websites
Green dot list for Cryptojacking or Cryptomining Cryptojacking / Cryptomining
Green dot list for Illegal or Rogue streaming sites Illegal/Rogue Streaming Sites
Green dot list for hacked websites Hacked Websites
Green dot list for tech support scams Tech Support Scams
Green dot list for survey scams Survey Scams
Green dot list for child pornography Child Pornography
Green dot list for drug pharmacy websites or scams Drug Pharmacy Websites/Spam
Green dot list for mortage or refinance scams Mortgage/Refinance Scams
Arrow down Arrow down
Bolster Phishing and Fraudulent Site
Detection APIs
Bolster phishing and fraudulent site detection APIs
output Disposition clean Disposition phish


Protect Your SaaS Platform & Enterprise from Fraud and On-platform Abuses with Real-time APIs

Detailed Threat Intelligence
Real-Time Scan Results
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“I really like how Bolster uses their image recognition to detect phishing sites.”
Bill Harmon
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