Domain monitoring platform - a better domain protection service

What is domain monitoring?

Domain monitoring is a catchall term for services that scan any of the 367 million domains on the internet for fraudulent activity. Warning: the term covers both human monitoring and AI-based domain protection, which are vastly different. Too big a task for mere mortals, automated domain monitoring spots fraud websites fast, issuing takedowns in milliseconds.

Domain monitoring & phishing

Phishing isn’t just for emails anymore. Today’s hackers use sophisticated tools to make fake sites that look and feel just like the genuine article. In minutes, they skim precious logins from unsuspecting customers. This isn’t your grandfather’s phishing; it’s a bigger, meaner iteration that can fool even savvy web users into giving up sensitive details.

Compromising thousands of usernames and passwords in an hour or so can cause a lasting, costly headache for your business—and your loyal user base. AI-based domain monitoring is scalable. There are no human staffing bottlenecks, it’s easy to integrate, and it operates in real time. Bolster’s domain protection API has a microscopic 0.001% false-positive rate, making it a fan-favorite with CTOs and CSOs at companies like Uber.

Domain monitoring tools

Bolster’s full suite of AI-based domain monitoring tools isn’t just a piece of software. It’s a robust army of solutions based on deep learning, image recognition, and natural language processing.

The Bolster system relies on several advanced modules that work in concert to detect fraud sites quickly. Image detection and NLP-based text analysis work hand-in-glove with machine learning to spot brand hijacking in milliseconds. A years-in-the-making threat graph informs the AI to amplify detection, then deep-learning links up all the outputs to reach a verdict faster than ever. The result is that you and your staff can rest easy, devoting valuable resources to what matters most—delighting customers.