Users now have the ability to add tags to detections made in the platform. Bolster currently provides a list of default tags (ie. “Reviewed” or “Acquire”) and is working on a feature where users will be able to create their own custom tags for more specific categorization.

Filter and view your tagged domains in a table, view and sort by tag author, and export lists of tagged domains.

Enjoy more flexibility and customization in our platform with this new feature as well as easier tracking of important domains.

Types of Tags

Bolster Provided Tags

Bolster provides the following list of pre-set tags that users can select from.

COMING SOON: Custom Tags

Users can also create their own custom tags for greater flexibility in categorizations.


  • "Reviewed_by_John" for more granularity on when certain analysts review detections
  • "Export_for_Threat_Intel" for sites that should be exported for investigation by threat analysts

COMING SOON: System Tags

These tags are auto-generated by our platform and are not removable or editable.

How to use Tags

Add Tags

Tags are located on the right hand side of the table, under the date range.

Click Add Tag, then select from the list of Bolster Provided Tags.

View Tag Information

Hover over tags to view author and date added information.

Filtering by Tags

The filter button is located at the top of the dashboard.

Select 'Tags" from the dropdown. You can filter for multiple tags at once.

Filter by Tag Author

Our platform will automatically collect information on who created which tags. Easily filter for all tags created by a specific author, or multiple authors.