Let's get started with Phishing Detection APIs

Scan API can detect following scams and categories in real-time.

  • Zero-Day Phishing
  • Tech Support Scams
  • Gift Card Scams
  • Survey Scams
  • Adult Websites
  • Drug Pharmacy (Drug Spam) Websites
  • Illegal/Rogue Streaming Sites
  • Gambling Websites
  • Hacked Websites
  • Cryptojacking / Cryptomining

We also support custom integrations and detection of other categories that are not listed above. Please Contact Us for more details

Request Your Free API Key

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How to Use APIs

1. Submit URL for Scan Requests to /neo/scan/ endpoint. Your api host will be:

For Bolster Platform users: https://developers.bolster.ai/api

For CheckPhish users: https://developers.checkphish.ai/api

There are two ways to do a scan

Quick Scan

curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' -d  '{"apiKey": "1f207653ec034ab9f04fbdd8e09fa7879205b4c85addeaa299da326167cc00a1", "urlInfo": {"url": "http://webidlogin101997.5gbfree.com/"}}' https://developers.bolster.ai/api/neo/scan
Submit a URL for scan


curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' -d  '{"apiKey": "1f207653ec034ab9f04fbdd8e09fa7879205b4c85addeaa299da326167cc00a1", "urlInfo": {"url": "http://webidlogin101997.5gbfree.com/"}, "scanType": "quick"}' https://developers.bolster.ai/api/neo/scan
Submit a URL for scan

Full Scan

curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' -d  '{"apiKey": "1f207653ec034ab9f04fbdd8e09fa7879205b4c85addeaa299da326167cc00a1", "urlInfo": {"url": "http://webidlogin101997.5gbfree.com/"}, "scanType": "full"}' https://developers.bolster.ai/api/neo/scan
Submit a URL for scan

The scan request will return job id and timestamp in JSON format

Get a JOB ID back

2. Next step is to get API results by query /neo/scan/status endpoint by using Job ID, API Key and insights (optional)

curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"apiKey": "1f207653ec034ab9f04fbdd8e09fa7879205b4c85addeaa299da326167cc00a1", "jobID": "ca1b827b-1f14-4e74-a242-ed17cc1808b0", "insights": true}' https://developers.bolster.ai/api/neo/scan/status                    
Query job ID for status

results will be returned back in JSON format. The insights, screenshot_path and resolved fields are returned when "insights": true in the query.

Get Scan Results

Response explained:

This should return the following response in a JSON format with

  1. jobID: jobID of the scan
  2. status:  Status of whether the job has completed. Returns DONE when completed
  3. url: URL submitted for scanning
  4. url_sha256: SHA256 of the url submitted for scanning
  5. brand: Brand being targeted by the URL
  6. insights: insights link
  7. resolved: True if the URL resolved. Else False
  8. screenshot_path: storage location of the screenshot for the scan
  9. disposition: the list of dispositions can be found below
  10. scan_start_ts: Unix Timestamp of when the scan the triggered
  11. scan_end_ts: Unix Timestamp of when the scan ended
  12. categories: List of categories from our webpage category detection model

List of Dispositions

Disposition description Disposition identifier returned in Response
Phishing Websites phish
Gift Card Scams/ Survey Scams/Tech support scams scam
Adult websitse adult
Drug Spam/Drug Pharmacy Sites drug_spam
Gambling websites gambling
Suspicious websites suspicious
Likely Phish websites likely_phish
Cryptomining/Cryptojacking cryptojacking
Illegal Streaming website websites streaming
Hacked/Defaced websites hacked_website
Mortgage Refinance Scam mortgage
Clean Websites clean

List of Categories

Intent Detection | Documents | Bolster
Full list of intent categories that Bolster’s Intent Detection model can currently classify.

API Rate Limiting

All API requests are restricted to 20 requests per minute (1 every 3 seconds). If requests exceed this rate, the caller will receive the following error:

{"error": {"status_code": 429,"status": "Request rate limit exceeded. Please try again later"}}
API rate limiting