Version: 0.3

Release Date: 2020-11-23


Major enchantments have been made to the logo detection engine. The backbone architecture has been upgraded from a YoloV5 small to YoloV5 medium. We now detect 186 brand logos. Here is a list of all the logos we detect.


New brand logos added

  1. Recruit ID
  2. Suumo
  3. Rikunabi
  4. Epic Games
  5. House Party
  6. Fortnite
  7. Ponparemall

Enhanced logo detection for the following brands

  1. ADNOC
  2. Adobe
  3. Microsoft
  5. Ourtime
  6. Plenty of Fish


The backbone architecture has been upgraded from YoloV5 small to YoloV5 medium. Here is a look at the basic differences between the two architectures:

Model Layers Parameters
YoloV5 Small 191 ~7.5 Million
YoloV5 Medium 263 ~21.8 Million

These enhancements improved our detection capability when compared to the previous version when trained for just one-third the number of epochs as the previous version.

YoloV5 medium was much better in just 500 epochs when compared to a training a Yolov5 small in 1500 epochs (which started giving us detrimental results after about 600 epochs).

Recall (The higher the better): Green current model & Red previous model

The model has been trained on an Amazon AWS p3.8x instance with Four Tesla v100 GPUs on it. Here is a screenshot during the training where are all the GPUs were being used at 100% capacity

Yolov5 training on AWS GPUs

Sample Results

Below are a few results from the new logo detection model