Bolster's Intent Detection model leverages the capabilities of  deep learning and natural language processing to detect the intent of a webpage. Currently, the model can classify webpages into 23 categories. The table below has the list of all these categories along with the mnemonics, description and sample webpage screenshot.

List of Categories

Category Name Category Mnemonic (for API calls) Description Sample Webpage
Sensitive Data sensitive_data Webpages asking for user's login or personal information Sensitive Data Example
Shopping/eCommerce online_store Webpages selling products/services online Shopping Example
Cryptocurrency crypto Webpages talking about cryptocurrency related content Crypto Example
Gambling gambling Online gambling, casinos and betting websites Gambling Example
Gaming gaming Online gaming websites Gaming Example
Captcha captcha Webpages asking users to fill in a captcha Captcha Example
Promo Code promo_code Webpages claiming to give away promo codes of any brand Promo Code Example
Tech Support tech_support Webpages prompting users to call a tech support number Tech Support Example
Survey survey Webpages asking users to fill in a survey Survey Example
Gift Card gift_card Webpages claiming to give away gift cards to users Gift Card Example
Hacked Websites hacked_site Websites that have been hacked Hacked Websites Example
Domain Parking domain_parking Websites that do not host active content but are registered and parked for later use/ sale Domain Parking Example
Pharmacy/Drug pharma Webapges talking about pharmacies and drug stores Pharmacy/Drug Example
Streaming streaming Websites streaming movies, tv shows, live games and other content Streaming Example
Error Pages error_page Webpages that display error messages Error Pages Example
Directory Listing directory_listing Webpages that display the directory with files/ folders Directory Listing Example
Banking banking Websites related to banks Banking Pages Example
Warning warning Webpages displaying a warning sign against potential phishing/ malicious pages Warning Pages Example
Health health Websites that talk about health (& related content) Health Pages Example
App store app_store Distribution platforms for mobile applications online app store Pages Example
Contact contact Webpages offering the users to contact the organization app store Pages Example
BEC bec Webpages that ask users to signin but are not associated with any brand. These webpages are used to carry out BEC scams app store Pages Example
Adult adult Websites hosting adult/ NSFW content