1. Login to PingOne console as administrator.
  2. Go to Connections and click + to create new application.
  3. Name the application “Bolster Platform” or any preferred name and select SAML Application as the type. Click the 'Configure' button.

4. Choose ‘Manually Enter’ Application Metadata and enter the following values:

a. ACS URLs: [Provided by Bolster]

b. Entity ID: https://platform.bolster.ai

5. Click 'Save' to create the application.

6. Go to the Attribute Mappings tab, click the pencil icon to update the saml_subject mapping.

7. Map the Email Address to the saml_subject attribute, then click 'Save'.

8. Switch to Configuration tab.

9. Download the Metadata file and copy the Initiate Single Sign-On URL, this information was needed to set up SSO in Bolster system.

a. Metadata file - download by selecting ‘Download Metadata’

b. Initiate Single Sign-On URL

10. This concludes the configuration in your PingOne account.