Zoom fortifies their online security for their global user base


Site takedowns in the first 24 hours


Takedown rate in the first 24 hours


Suspicious sites identified and monitored in the first month

Customer Overview

Connecting a global world through video

Connecting a global world through video

In 2011, Zoom set out on a mission to become the leader in modern enterprise video-first unified communications with an easy, reliable, and innovative platform that provides video meetings, voice, webinars, and chat across desktops, phones, mobile devices, and conference room systems. In early 2020, due to the global COVID-19 crisis, more people than ever before were working from home - more people were videoconferencing. As growth skyrocketed, the potential for online phishing and fraud increased exponentially. Zoom took quick and decisive action to get ahead of the threat and prevent the phishing and defrauding of their user base.

The Solution

Swiftly protecting their global user base for years to come

Swiftly protecting their global user base for years to come

Zoom pushes the video communications industry ahead with a vision: empowering people to accomplish more. By bringing on Bolster, the online fraud prevention platform, Zoom not only doubles down on the security of their global user base, but also empowers Zoom employees to innovate and accomplish more instead of focusing on fraud detection and prevention. As the COVID crisis was spiking in the United States, Zoom took steps to bring on Bolster swiftly. Before some states had issued shelter-in-place, Zoom deployed the Bolster platform in service of its users. Within the first 24 hours, the Bolster Detection Engine detected and took down 1476 sites with a 99.3% takedown rate. The near-instant takedown ensured that the vast majority of users were never exposed to Windows and Android malware, various phishing sites, and tech-support scams. In addition to near-immediate takedowns, Bolster added the malware binaries to VirusTotal to prevent bad actors from using similar malware elsewhere on the internet.

“I have been very impressed with Bolster’s speed and efficiency in detecting and removing fraudulent sites targeting Zoom’s customers. The technology, analytics and support are world class and have enabled us to better protect the Zoom community against these threats.”

Richard Farley
CISO, Zoom
From enterprises to schools to charities

From enterprises to schools to charities

Zoom is making the world a more connected place. Zoom’s mission will continue long after the global crisis as will Zoom’s commitment to protect its user base. In the month since bringing on Bolster, 3,166 fraudulent sites have been taken down with a 97% success rate. Additionally, 14,012 suspicious sites have been identified and are monitored daily. In the years to come, new Zoom-targeted phishing and malware sites may come online, but together, we will detect and take them down before they do harm to the broader Zoom community.