Online Fraud Prevention (OFP) starts with our Automated Fraud Platform

When you buy the Bolster platform, you gain more than any one product - you gain an AI and online fraud prevention partner.


Bolster your brand.

Take back control of your brand with our Online Customer Protection

High ROI

Within months of starting, Dropbox dropped from the 7th most phished brand globally to outside the top-15.

No Effort

Within seconds of signing, we’ll start protecting your online customers and brand by removing all detected brand-infringing sites. Our fully automated platform means no additional work from your team.


Bolster your platform - internally.

Secure your platform (anywhere links are shared) and increase user trust with our Real-time Detection API

Strong Incremental ROI

Product teams focus on the product. A backlog of bugs and features keeps the most high-performing teams busy. Our API takes years of deep learning and security work and turns it into immediate value for your platform.

Little Effort

Your engineering team will love you. Our easy-to-integrate API takes two lines of code. One to scan a URL and one to receive the verdict.


Bolster your platform - externally.

Understand your site traffic with the ATO Detection API

Strong Incremental ROI

Where your site visitor comes from is critical for understanding their intent. Visitors redirected from phishing or scam sites are likely compromised. We’ll help you identify them. When a visitor is compromised on one service, then they are likely compromised on others. We’ll share this industry wide intelligence with you, so that you are ahead of the scammers.

Little Effort

Integrating our Suspicious Visitor API into your web server logs is still two lines of code. One to scan the visitor’s referrer URL and IP Address and one to receive the verdict on the visitor.


Victim and Scammer Identification.
Rich Threat Intelligence.

Scammer Intelligence

We’ll send you phishing kits, phishing site DOMs, drop emails, and passive DNS information. We’ll give your team rich threat intelligence, so that you can identify scammers, associate attacks, and take corrective action. Plus every time your team scans a URL featuring your brand, we automatically issue a takedown request .

Proactive Scammer ID

We automatically stuff phishing sites with honey tokens (fake credentials), so that you can identify scammer IPs as they try to log on to your platform.

Victim Intelligence

We’ll share all the email credentials associated with phishing kits and scams, discovered by our Detection AI.

A unified enterprise protection platform

Single Fraud Prevention Command Center

  • Fully customizable dashboard
  • How is your brand doing? Trends / Benchmarks
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Fully automated - command center runs with 0 oversight
  • Easy to use and consume
  • Role-based access and controls

Outbound API

Whether it’s for reporting or other automations, our platforms provides for easy integration with existing systems (Tableau, Splunk, Swimlane, etc.)