In a recent study, Statista detected around 1.27 million unique fraudulent sites in the third quarter of 2022 alone. These sites weren’t just infringing on copyrights and brand trademarks, but were also actively scamming customers and harvesting data through brand imitation. These fraudulent websites cost brands upwards of $323 billion every year while causing irreparable reputational damage.

The longer these sites remain online or hidden, the more damage they cause. Moreover, legacy takedown services—involving a high degree of manual investigation and analysis— fail to match the scale, speed, and accuracy required to proactively protect brands by taking such websites down. This is where a domain takedown service comes in handy.

What is a Domain Takedown Service? 

A domain takedown service is a cyber risk management tool designed to protect the brand from fraudulent phishing sites. The service generally includes continuously monitoring the web for brand impersonation and scams and automatically taking down the sites as quickly as possible. The domain takedown service needs to act within an accelerated timeframe to maintain a continuous vigil, eliminate sites before they cause harm, protect customers from scammers, and safeguard brand reputation.

Here, we’ve listed the top five domain takedown services to shield your brand and customers from cybercriminals.

What are the top five takedown services on the market? 

1) Bolster

Bolster offers a fully-automated takedown service that is fast, agile, and accurate, with a false positive rate of less than 1/100,000.

Its AI-driven engine continuously scans the internet, social media, forums, and the dark web to detect over 14 types of phishing and scam sites in real time. Apart from delivering a fraud verdict in a mere 100ms, it also initiates takedowns in less than two minutes without any manual action; 95% of all its takedowns are automated.

Bolster has built working relationships with over 1,500 registries and hosting providers that accept its automatic takedown requests through API integrations. The speed and scale at which it operates ensure that budding phishing sites are taken down before they even go live. The Bolster platform also tracks all sites that have been previously taken down and prevents them from returning online down the road. Additionally, Bolster collates all data and presents it to security teamsin a visually-rich dashboard to afford granular visibility into all key metrics. They’ve even released a specific product feature centered around reporting and analytics, called Bolster Insights, to provide customers with actionable reports

You can request a trial here to see Bolster in action.

2) ZeroFox

ZeroFox protects against adversaries using various sophisticated methods across multiple channels to attack and impersonate brands. ZeroFox is known for its threat analysis, intelligence, and ease of operation. It disrupts attackers’ campaigns by relying on a global threat intelligence network to keep itself updated on adversaries, TTPs, and indicators.

ZeroFox works to block malicious URLs in less than 15 minutes and promises ROI for impersonation takedowns. This takedown service streamlines workflows, maintains in-platform request automation, and provides a team of expert analysts.

3) Red Points

Global brands must deal with hundreds of fake websites. These websites don’t just steal revenue from brands but also fool customers into sharing data and money. Red Points is a domain takedown service that keeps this from happening.

The Red Points website takedown solution scans search engines and domain databases to automatically detect fake websites. The platform collects data and immediately shares it with domain registrants, CMS platforms, and server hosting companies to report domain takedown. It also keeps scammers from repeating offenses by uncovering their identities and facilitating legal action against them.

On average, it takes 1-7 days for Red Point to finish a takedown.

4) IntSights

IntSights offers a comprehensive monitoring solution that can uncover threats from various sources, including social mediaapp stores, domain registrars, paste sites, file-sharing sites, and web hosting providers. It enables brands to build a massive ecosystem of channels that can be checked and scrubbed clean when needed.

IntSights provides a dedicated team of takedown experts as an extension of brands’ legal teams to facilitate intelligence gathering, takedown requests, and monitoring. Besides identifying and eliminating infringing sites, it scans code and file-sharing sites to identify exploits, sensitive data, and leaked credentials.

5) FraudWatch

Another channel utilized by cybercriminals is small-scale, localized social media platforms. These platforms aren’t globally present, but offer a clear path to an unknowing audience to malicious actors. FraudWatch ensures that even the smallest of local social media networks are monitored and gated off for infringing players. Moreover, FraudWatch’s rapid response model ensures fraudulent sites are taken down quickly.

Effective Domain Takedown Services for Automated Protection

Domain takedown services have become a critical part of the globalized approach to security operations. But the effectiveness of automated takedown service remains bound by the speed and scale.

Bolster offers the most exhaustive list of features on its AI-powered domain monitoring and takedown platform, and undertakes takedowns in less than two minutes. With Bolster, customers are able to trust that they are receiving comprehensive domain monitoring to protect their network from increasing phishing and typosquatting threats.

Book a demo today to see how Bolster secures your brand from fraud and phishing while delivering industry-leading ROI.